The vines have belonged to his family for several generations. The Launois family is historically Harvester-Cooperator and sells bottles from the Cooperative.

 Julien Launois, after having worked 9 years abroad, decides to open a new page in the history of the family business with his wife: Sarah. He wants to produce his own Champagnes. Sarah Launois is an artist, graphic designer and passionate about wine. She thus draws their new identity and creates a brand of Champagne according to the name of their son: Paul Launois.

In 2013, they acquired a wine building in the heart of Mesnil sur Oger. They carry out the renovation themselves and finally make their first harvest in 2015. They vinify in stainless steel vats and in barrels, experiment, blend, taste ... and from this same passion for champagne is born the "Champagne Paul Launois".

Champagne Paul Launois is a love story, the love of a man and a woman, the love of wine and art, the love of a son and a family..



Our Cuvées

The farm works with respect for the environment. No chemical input has been applied to the vine for many years. The vines are naturally grassed in winter, and in summer the soil is plowed. The cuvées are also worked with the same intention: to limit inputs, handling and energy consumption.

Bottling 2022 release in September 2023

Monochrome #6

Contraste #2

Illustration #4

Composition #6

Single Barrel

The Single Barrel Project consists of producing unique champagnes each year while creating a privileged relationship with wine lovers who participate in the development of their Mesnil sur Oger plot vintage.

 In 2016, Julien Launois had the idea of having his oak barrels made by the “Champagne artisanal cooperage” with staves that had been dried for 4 years and different toastings from light to strong toasting. He selects his best parcel of Mesnil sur Oger to fill his barrels. The musts remain in the barrel until the draw. All wines have their specificities.

Between April and June, future buyers come to taste the still wines in order to select the cask they wish to acquire. During this exchange, they determine the number of bottles or magnums, which is the equivalent of 216 bottles. The manual draw takes place in July. They will then decide on the aging (between 3 and 10 years) and the dosage. The barrels and bottles are numbered to emphasize the exclusivity of the Single Barrel.

Salinity, minerality and oak are the main characteristics of the wines obtained. The wood, although new, is melted and the aromas are exceptional.

Julien Launois offers to share an exceptional experience, that of a dream of champagne enthusiasts and lovers to see the birth of a top-of-the-range and tailor-made wine from a barrel. He keeps bottles from each edition and builds a vinotheque that allows him to evolve in his project. This range already includes 104 different single plot vintage.and several vinification:


2016: 1 plot, 6 new barrels, 6 toasting levels,

the same vinification.

2017: 1 plot, 10 new barrels, 5 toasting levels, 5 barrels with malolactic fermentation and 5 without malolactic fermentation.

2018: 2 plots, 20 new barrels, 5 toasting levels, 10 barrels with stirring and 10 barrels without stirring.

2019: 1 plot, 10 new barrels, 5 toasting levels, 5 barrels with stirring and 5 barrels without stirring.

2020: 1 plot, 13 new barrels, 5 barrels of 1 wine, 5 toasting levels, 18 barrels with stirring.

2021: 4 plots, 20 new barrels, 5 toasting levels, 20 barrels with stirring.

2022: 2 plots, 20 new barrels, 5 toasting levels, 20 barrels without malolactic fermentation with stirring


Bed and  Breafast

We welcome you in one of our 5 rooms and serve you breakfast in the tasting room. You will be able to benefit from a warm welcome in our house, taste our Champagnes and visit the region.

Prices (breakfast included):
- 90 euros per night for 1-2 people
- 120 euros per night for 3-4 people
(Pinot Noir and Chardonnay only sofa bed for children only)

All rooms are equipped with a bathroom with WC, a television and access to a shared kitchen with WiFi.


Champagne Paul Launois
3 ruelle de l'Arquebuse
51190 Le-Mesnil-sur-Oger
+ 33 06 15 53 62 69